Saturday, August 17, 2019

Two Van Gogh works no longer considered genuine

Time flies. More than four years since my last blog posting. Apologies. In any event, lately I've been following up on Van Gogh art works that are suspect or that have been rejected out right. In some cases it turns out that the works have been rejected years ago and that I'm just finding out about it now.

The following two works are now no longer considered genuine Van Goghs:

  • Yellow-headed Parrot (F14)
  • A Group of Cottages with Two Women in the Foreground (F1640a)

The parrot works is a drawing that the Van Gogh Museum rejected in their catalogue Vincent van Gogh. Paintings. Volume 1 (1999). The second work, a drawing, was also rejected by the Van Gogh Museum in the 1990s. Both works have been removed from my website.

There are a number of other works that I'm following up on, but that's proving to be challenging because the museums that own the disputed art works aren't very reliable in terms of replying to my queries. The Detroit Institute of Arts, for example. I'll keep at it.