Thursday, July 12, 2012


I aplogize for not posting in so long. And just a brief one today. Lots of Van Gogh travels and sights for me this year. A trip to Amsterdam in April which is always wonderful. And then a three day getaway to Ottawa in May to see the "Van Gogh: Up Close" exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada. Highly recommended. And the crowds are well managed so you can see these beautiful works without peering over ten rows of people. Coming up: the "Becoming Van Gogh" exhibition in Denver with 68 Van Gogh works on display--many not seen in public in decades. Definitely worth a trip to the "Mile High" city. See my website's Exhibitions section for a complete list of the works in the Ottawa and Denver exhibitions.


  1. Hi David, I thought of you when I read things about this Up Close exhibition. That was certainly wonderful.
    Switzerland is hosting some Vincent for summertime I think, at least there's an exhibition at Gianadda, but can't say which ones are there as I haven't been able to go there yet (but I will, I will ! )

  2. Hi,

    I recently came accross a Van Gogh painting of the 15 sunflowers with a yellow background in a small town near PA at a second hand shop. The newspaper attached to the frame backing is from 1961. Do you know the best method I should use to find out the value of the painting?

    Thank you,

  3. A trip to Martigny is always a joy, Laetitia. Be sure to explore the nearby roman ruins, too. Anonymous? Your painting isn't worth anything. Sorry.